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Frequently Asked Questions

As this platform is used all over india. So, verifying the candidates personally is not possible. Please verify candidates based on Adhaar/ Pan card / Driving license during hiring.

We can hire better candidates if the owner provide a better salary/facilities as per the industry.

Note: Facilities are like Duty hours, weekly off, Perks

A lot of people in the food industry are giving money in advance. Its totally MOU by employee and employer

Book a bus/train ticket instead of sending money.

The employer himself/herself needs to finalize the salary based on the candidate's present experience and skill set.

Generally, candidates change due to the better payment and facilities.Its human nature.

Always ensure you have a backup of atleast 1 candidate ready for every position in your organisation.

After publishing your ad your contact details immediately reaches a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 10000 members for every post.

If salary of night time jobs is more than Morning time jobs then candidates are available effortlessly

The owner can easily assign work by informing the team leader.

This hiring is best until we have good terms with the team leader if it gets disturbed the whole team vanishes.