Greetings from is India’s 1st Exclusive Restaurant, Hotel, Cafes, and Food startups job portal which has become a platform for job seekers and a channel for clients to find the right candidates at right time.

Approximately there are 53,000 Hotels and 70 lakh Restaurants in an organized category, 2.3 crore Restaurants/Food outlets in the unorganized sector, and many more starting day by day.

We also provide the best skilled and professional staff like:

  • Chefs for all cuisines
  • Assistant chefs/ Commi 2, Commi 3 & Freshers
  • Captain & Waiter / Steward
  • Managers/ supervisor / GM etc

In such a large Restaurant, Hotel sector, no proper platform has been found. So, Mr. Anil took this opportunity as a challenge and he got the plentiful experience to manage in & out for Restaurants, Hotels, and Food outlets.


Daily hundreds of people connect us online and offline as we provide free jobs to staff which increases the details and updated profiles. This helps us to provide relevant candidates to clients in a very short time.

We focus only on providing staff for the Food industry. Our 18+ years of experience helps us in screening the staff profiles

In many sectors/industries, Manpower is replaced by Robots/machines, and day by day it’s increasing and cost-cutting is done reducing manpower to survive in the market. This is the only industry that stands strong with Manpower.

So, took it as a challenge to provide these services and fulfill the needs of the industry

In such a large hotel sector there is no proper platform has been found so Mr. Anil took this opportunity as a challenge and he got plentiful experience to manage in & out for restaurants, hotels and food outlets.

Our vision is to deliver the best service in the industry with the best people through best practices. Our high-performance service-oriented culture differentiates us from the competition.

About Founder

Mr. Anil k Yegireddi brings 18+ years of experience in the FOOD AND BEVERAGES sector as a Chef, Head of Operations, and experienced his own business.

Apart from these, I have been doing consulting and mentoring for some Food start-ups and Restaurants.

Because of his experience, we can easily know the pros and cons of the Restaurant business and Food startups. we not only provide staff, but we also do market research, financial analysis, concept development, design Franchise models, and much more support for a new Restaurant/Food start-up entrepreneur.

As a result of his commitment towards Restaurant staffing and development, 90% of Chef India Solutions (clients) have been happy.